Are Animated Videos useful for Safety Training?

“To solve problems and get things done with a positive attitude, Bob the Builder and pals dig, haul and build together!” This is what Google says about the popular animated series Bob the Builder, that screened first in 1998 and still has reruns on various channels. It has also been a part of the K12 training tools for introducing age-appropriate STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) concepts. And while it does that, the show also focuses seamlessly on various aspects of safety too. Hence, proving that animations undoubtedly can portray complex concepts in a visually stimulating manner. While Bob the Builder, does that in a primary level, how can it be utilized for safety training at a more complex level, and if used how effective can it be? And in a general viewpoint, are animated videos really useful for safety training?

To know this let’s understand safety training first.

Workplace safety is a matter of critical importance, as negligence can cause injuries and in certain cases even lead to loss of lives. This in turn can degrade the organization’s reputation, affect recruitment and sales and the overall functioning too. Lack of awareness about safety measures can also damage hi-tech and expensive machinery. Which is why, organizations definitely need to ensure complete compliance with the safety parameters pertaining to the workplace. While the safety lessons can always be imparted as classroom training or through textual content, video-based, interactives, games, simulations etc., the modes may fall short when it comes to delivering a clear visual and in capturing the attention of the learners and while videos may seem interesting, the visuals may lack the connect and hence, forgotten easily.

An Animated Video can be a better alternative in many ways here. Here are a few perks.

Showcasing the Worst Case Scenarios

Many safety issues, certain results of non-compliance to safety standards etc. can be too dangerous to shoot in live-action, or can be too scary to watch in real. Such scenarios can be easily shown through animated videos, hence demonstrating the dangers sans the terrifying graphic explanation.

Seeing the Unseen

Images, illustrations etc. show one part of the view. With animated videos it becomes easier to display something that would ordinarily by hidden from view (even from the camera) in real life. This kind of view allows the learners to understand the true mechanics, including different permutations of how elements around i.e. climate, materials etc. influence safety, aid more to comprehension.

Take for instance excavation activities after natural disasters: The Safety Trainings should be able to display different layers of debris and unpredictable hazards that may be encountered. There are multiple situations where hazards may be invisible, but keeping the learners prepared would depend on tactical prediction and in representing it well, which in turn would make the safety training more productive.

Highlighting Aspects of Importance

With animated videos, the background score, graphical visuals and high definition video quality can be used to demonstrate the criticality of safety, certain areas that need special attention can be highlighted to grab the learner’s attention and such aspects tend to be retained for a longer period too.

The use of animated videos can increase engagement through character-driven stories, or scenarios, great visuals etc. Like simple videos, it can also break down complicated procedures into easily comprehendible learning nuggets. Such small nuggets can easily be viewed on-the-go, or during downtime, on the device of choice, hence giving safety training more mobility. And like any other safety training, the use of animated videos for safety training can make the workplace a safer place. And as animated videos, can convey a lot through actions and props, it can easily reach all kinds of learners and help them grasp the concept, and give them the option to revisit the training whenever they need a quick revision, hence making safety a 24X7 thing!
At Knowzies, we have the expertise and experience in creating animated videos for safety training. So, if safety training an area you wish to explore or are confused about the approach, just drop us a message, and our team will contact you promptly.

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