Top 10 eLearning Blogs Every eLearning Enthusiast Must Read, Follow & Bookmark – Part-2

In continuation with our last blog “Top 10 eLearning Blogs Every eLearning Enthusiast Must Read, Follow & Bookmark – Part-1” here is our list of next top 10 bloggers which every eLearning enthusiast must follow. Hope you enjoy reading these-

  1. The Learning Coach - has a mix of design tutorials and eLearning trends.
  2. The Learnnovators Blog - cover lots of topics including design, mLearning, gamification and so on
  3. eLearning Weekly - is the amalgamation of various topics. One can find the reviews about various eLearning events, some real good guests blog throwing light on various topics
  4. Talented Learning - This blog by John Leh is a real treasure of knowledge about latest LMS and eLearning trends. The unique unbiased style of writing differentiates it from other blogs
  5. Stephen Downes - is an educationist blog which could be an essential addition to any list of blogs on elearning
  6. Tony Karrer - (eLearning Tech Blog) Tony’s blog are informative from the technology perspective. One must read this blog to be updated with the latest trends in LMS technologies
  7. Docebo - The leaders in SAAS based learning LMS, Docebo blogs always gives a deep insight about the eLearning industry and its trends. The SAAS enthusiasts will surely enjoy reading this quality blog
  8. eLearningMind - It’s a culmination of thought leadership on the latest new and ideas in learning
  9. Let’s save the world from boring training - This is the blog from Cathy Moore. Cathy is an internationally recognized training designer. She shares her ideas and experience to help her readers develop amazing learning for professionals
  10. E-Learning Provocateur  - A blog by Ryan Tracey, a member of eLearn Magazine’s editorial board. This blog gives a deep insight about the eLearning and it’s latest trends. A must read.

If you have any other blog to suggest please suggest and we will add that to our list in coming release of best blogs. Till then happy reading.

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