Key Tips To Develop Software Simulations Using Articulate Storyline

Software Simulation Using Articulate Storyline

We recently had a situation where in one of our clients wants to capture its classroom training and then create a course out of it in a simulation mode. The challenge was to find the perfect recording tool, simulating the real time examples and convert it into a SCORM compliant course. Post our research and some of the hands on by the team, we could sum up that Articulate Storyline also can be a useful tool for developing such simulations. Basis of our experience in this article, I am summarising the key tips to develop Software Simulations using Articulate Storyline.

Single Video Insertion

Articulate Storyline allows to record the simulation and insert in a slide as an unique video file. One can capture the complete computer screen with all the movements on the screen along with the audio if any. These videos can be recorded in one go. However the challenge of interactive remains if the slides are very plain and normal.

Making Slides Engaging and Interactive

As mentioned with the only video approach the slides/video can be very boring. If you want learner to be engaged in the course, the interactive simulation can be created by breaking the process in multiple slides with value added instructions for the learner. This approach will keep learner engaged in the course with facility to click and practice on the simulation.

Reusability of the Recorded Videos

Articulate Storyline offers you the flexibility to record the complete process or video at one go and post that one can chose the format in which the output needs to be saved. The output could be single video or split video in multiple parts stepwise which can be reused as and when needed. This ensures that you do not have to record the video if to be used in various formats.

Edit and Fine Tuning

At times the editing of videos ( if not captured properly) could be a tedious task. To overcome this challenge storyline offers a a post production facility to edit the video. In case if any background needs to be edited a simple right click and fine tuning option can suffice your task. All background can be edited at one go.

At times the task of creating software simulations could be tedious. However with Articulate Storyline, it is made easy and we highly recommend this. To know more about how Knowzies helped it’s client to Develop Software Simulations using Articulate Storyline, please contact us @

We will be happy to hear your experience on this if you are using articulate storyline for any such purpose.

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