5 Key Considerations While Moving Learning From Desktop To Mobile

Moving Learning from Desktop to Mobile

Mobile phones have reached into the hands of more than 4 billion people across the globe. In 2014, the number of mobile users overtook the number of desktop computer users. Today’s generation is used to accessing everything from their mobile devices; they are accustomed to mobile apps. The multi-tasking nature of a Smartphone is positive for learning too, especially for organizations. To drive adoption of learning to mobile, one has to drive engagement.

Smartphones enable learning to extend beyond the traditional learning practices and increase new opportunities for interaction, sharing, and collaboration that can ease learning associated with the values of socially constructionist education. Some of the key considerations while moving learning from desktop to mobile are discussed below:

1. Convenient and Flexible

Mobile learning is helpful because of its portable size and on-the-go character. Its brief and content chunking lessons help learners to retain more information which is lot easier to remember. Mobile learning can offer the flexibility to continue learning while there is no access to the internet. Learner can still reference important learning material that they’ve already downloaded on their phones when traveling.

Each one of us has their own way of understanding the content. With mobile learning, learners are now able to learn in their own style and at their own pace. In a classroom scenario, sometimes, there could be few learners who wouldn’t understand the hypotheses clearly and hesitate to ask for a re-explanation.

In mobile learning, nobody knows or cares how many times you revisit the course, which gives you the freedom to do it until you have understood everything. Mlearning resources can be even more convenient than a desktop computer, they often depend on internet access or plugging into wall for power. Smartphones enable anytime anywhere access to resources designed for mobile learning use.

2. Customized Learning Experiences

mLearning training modules provide learners to participate in a branching scenario that put learners in roles of a problem solver. This methodology helps increase interactivity and provide learners with the opportunity to use information in a practical situation. It is an operative way to engage and motivate learners to seek challenges that stipulate a framework for safely practicing skills and knowledge.

Mobile learning supports BYOD policy that encourages learning experience with freedom of device. Due to which, access to learning can be achieved more easily. Learners get reminders, notifications, and updates on their courses which they can check frequently. The learning patterns established on a mobile platform are more personalized and continuous.

3. Inspires Learning Retention

Smartphones are being used to extend learning from classrooms to the real world. There are many opportunities to learn from actionable study material like video lectures. Traditional learning methods can be blended and embedded for an enhanced learning experience.

Mostly training organized at workplace consists of verbal and desktop communication, but Mlearning can serve opportunities to enlarge the trainee on a digital and social level outside work. This will create interest and simultaneously erase the sense of boredom for the module in the learner’s mind.

Mobile can facilitate a learner to utilize dead time while traveling, enjoying beverages in the cafeteria, or waiting for someone etc. The content is simply handy from the user’s own device that works as a delivery tool.

4. Enhances Productivity

Mobile technology lets learners access an array of services. It needs to be determined from within these options, which is the most appropriate for a particular learner. Learners prefer methods that are inconspicuous to their daily rhythm. Training abidance can be increased by having more people complete courses with the help of digitally-enabled learning.

Future aspirant leaders generally have limited opportunity to take part in training. Learning content through mobile devices has diverse effects of advantage over other methods of delivery, with the help of mobile learning they are able to access training material while on the road, or during their own time, using mobile device makes content much more accessible. This builds a learning habit that harvests excellence of performance.

There could be some areas of learning provisions that might be either hard to retain or invariably fluctuating, mobile delivery really comes into its own for performance support. For example, an engineer who needs to fix electrical circuit can easily access manuals, appliance diagrams, etc. right on the job.

5. Enhances Collaboration

Mobile learning encourages collaborative learning that can be shared rapidly like advice, forms, and checklists for getting in touch with others. Through access to the cloud, project material, and data sources, teams at different locations can discuss new perspectives and learn simultaneously. This sense of competition and collaboration creates, what is known as, social learning, which will catch learners’ consideration towards the course. Presenting research and statistics articulate a higher commitment rate when courses are delivered using Mlearning.

We invite you to see our case studies on how we helped our clients to move from desktop based eLearning to mLearning.

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