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Knowzies Zoom LMS - Make e-learning through web conferencing as simple as ABC!!

Remote Learning Made Effortless With Zoom LMS Integration

Set up virtual classrooms! Host video meetings! Train remote employees! Boost learner engagement with Knowzies Zoom LMS!
Remote training and learning for your geographically-dispersed employees has never been easier! Knowzies LMS Zoom integration connects your employees from different locations in the most uncomplicated way! Our Zoom LMS allows you to connect, create, manage and deploy Zoom meetings with no sweat!! Make optimum use of our classroom features! Spur your employee participation! Improve and reinforce knowledge retention! Our Zoom LMS Integration enables device compatibility, live chats, screen sharing, auto updates and much more! And what’s the best part? You can get it all without having to log in to Zoom!! Ain’t it easy?
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Perks Of Having Knowzies Zoom LMS
A powerful tool,
Knowzies LMS Zoom is armed with robust features that dishes out a whole slew of benefits!
Setting Up Is Smooth
Setting up Knowzies Zoom lms integration is like child’s play! Get it all done in just a few clicks! Connect seamlessly without the need for a developer!!
Automation is Flawless
Our LMS automatically tracks new enrolment and keeps learners notified about new sessions and updates.
Efficiency is Spot On!
Schedule online meetings, live chats and training sessions by eliminating all unnecessary hassles and save time!
Configuration Is A Breeze!
We handle the entire integration part and make it easy for you to enable the configuration without any local installation.
Data Tracking is Uncomplicated
Keep track of your learners’ progress and attendance by simply logging in and find your data recorded in a single system.


features of Knowzies Zoom LMS Integration
Knowzies Zoom LMS has a host of state-of-the art features that make it a supreme tool for remote training.
Integration between Knowzies and Zoom LMS supports Single Sign On.
Cutting edge encryption to ensure a safe and secure account management.
Harmonious online integration to initiate online meetings with multiple learners.
Crystal clear audio and video clarity during live chats and meetings
Easy sharing of files, documents, presentations with screen sharing option.
Email support and reminders for learners about upcoming sessions.
Automated notifications about schedules, cancelled or rescheduled sessions.
Add Finesse To Your Remote Training Strategies!
Need to know more about Zoom LMS integration? Our experts are here to help you.
Knowzies is one of the leading eLearning development companies in the US. Let’s trigger a mind-blowing digital transformation in your organization!
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