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We are the learning technology solutions provider who can help to improve your productivity levels. We do it by integrating smart eLearning solutions into your business and training methodologies.
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Performance-driven solutions that meet your organizational needs.

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We are the leader among all the learning technology solution providers in the USA who offer quality learning solutions that super-charge a learner’s potential.


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Only Assessment Skill Assessment App
Knowzies Team developed a solution that consisted of a responsive web application with admin and user functionality. The admin can create assessments and assign those to users based on time and date. There are 6 different types of questions that can be created or bulk uploaded by the admin. This is a highly scalable architecture and is built to handle the load of as much as more than 5000 concurrent users. It had 4 types of users viz super admin, evaluator, and user.
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On the SAAS Software Review Platform
Knowzies team offered a solution that consisted of a responsive web application that is available in 4 different languages- English, Spanish, Italian, and French. The main portal offered an excellent search facility to search the required product based on category, feature, pricing, country, etc. It also showed the latest trends in the industry and top 3 products based on the user’s reviews. It had 5 different types of modules like Main Page, Categories (further split into subcategories), market analysis and trends, and some useful resources.
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Compliance Training App
Knowzies team created a solution that consisted of a responsive web application with multi-portal functionality. The main portal was integrated with the client’s website. An iOS, as well as an Android mobile app, is also part of the solution. It had 4 types of users viz super admin, master admin, sub-admin, and learner. Knowzies team adopted SCRUM methodology for managing this solution which was built across 8 sprints.
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Live Lab App
Knowzies team came up with a solution that was built as a responsive web application with the student interface being completely responsive while the other user interfaces work seamlessly on desktops, laptops, and tablets. It had 4 types of users viz Admin, Tutor, Lab Manager, and Student. Knowzies team built this product across 5 sprints, each sprint being of 2 weeks. The application worked on all types of devices i.e. desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
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Providing Impactful E-learning Solutions to FINCA Impact Finance
Knowzies team created a module on the FCPA act which informed users about what the act means, what corruption or bribery means, and what to do in case you face a situation of possible corruption and bribery. We divided the module into two parts. The first part had all the theoretical knowledge and technical information on the act. The second part consisted of scenarios that the learner was taken through, so they would understand what to do when faced with a similar scenario.
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Providing Interactive E-learning Solutions to FINCA Impact Finance
Knowzies team created a total of 6 modules on customer experience for FINCA Impact branches across the world. These modules were rolled out in 19 countries worldwide and were translated into 14-15 languages by us. Since these modules needed to be highly interactive and properly explain the depth and importance of customer experience, we developed the modules keeping in mind the same. The modules had highly engaging content and in addition to it, we adopted scenario-based learning for the same.
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Providing Innovative and Interactive E-learning
Knowzies team developed a complete Learning Management System (LMS) in the form of a web portal for Central USA’s largest Food Safety Training and Consulting Company. This created a platform for the catalog courses on their website, with which the client was able to sell classroom training courses to different people across the food industry. The costs for purchase and training were managed inside the LMS. We also created a ‘shopping experience’ for individual users.
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Delivering Engaging Video Based Learning Using Authoring Tool
Knowzies team converted a huge repository of raw format training content into professional video-based eLearning courses in record time with our Rapid Development Approach. We used a video compressing tool to ensure that the overall size of the courses is kept minimal while uploading on LMS without losing the clarity of the videos. Knowzies team worked continuously for 4 months to deliver an output of 78 hrs. The final output was delivered without compromising on the quality of the output.
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Converting Text Based Content into Interactive, Engaging, Responsive E-learning
Knowzies took an agile development approach in this project. A templatized approach was followed by developing 12 different types of templates based on the nature of the content and topic and this helped to reduce the overall development time and bring consistency to the overall look and feel of the courses. The Knowzies team helped the client to deliver the desired output using Articulate Storyline360.
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