Why Gamification in Sales Training is a New Buzz?

Having grown up playing UNO/ Monopoly and Scrabbles, I have always appreciated the influence of those games on me and my siblings. Games have always been effective in simplifying complex learning concepts like money management, language training etc. What fun right? Learning with games. However, corporate trainings are different. While training should be engaging, it […]

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Busting Some Popular Gamification Myths

For those who have been into medieval history and stories, King Arthur and the legend of the sword is something that keeps popping up. There are stories, parallel spin offs, Chronicles and even Anime that revolve around it. However, where there is something popular there are associated myths and misconceptions too. Goes without saying the […]

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eLearning Trends - 2018

Yes, it is that time of the year again where the eLearning clairvoyants observe the trends through their mystical eyes (crystal balls, hocus-pocus, fortune cookies-jars, whatever!!!) and present the trends for the year that is to come.

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June 4, 2021
Microlearning for Banking and Finance

During the last few years, the top 5 sectors with highest number of employment have been banks, IT, mining, healthcare and textiles. According to Statista, “in 2017, the total number of people employed in financial services sector in the UK amounted to over 1.13 million.” There’s nothing wrong in stating that banking and finance sectors […]

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May 5, 2021
The Importance of Training Evaluation

What is the Importance of Training Evaluation? Why Evaluate Training? Read more to find out why it is important to evaluate every training.

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July 2, 2020
Why Microlearning And Mobile Learning Is an Essential Combination For L&D

In a modern world driven by app-based technologies and workplace applications, mobile is an essential device. A Deloitte report states that “consumers today check their

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