3 Best Ways to Use Interactive Videos in Improving eLearning


Interactive videos as we all know removes the passiveness from normal eLearning. It creates an interactive space where learners can either choose the direction of the video/story, have quick knowledge assessments done while learning etc. We have written about how interactive videos are paving way to a new age of eLearning.

But, Interactive videos are like those new toys that need to be explored and experimented with. We have been studying the possibilities it offers, and based on the little know-how we gathered here are 3 ways to use interactive videos in improving eLearning.

1. Scenario-based Learning

Interactive videos have been by the music industry to create branched scenarios already. This offers great possibility to deliver learning about critical topics.

Say for instance, Disaster Management studies. Interactive videos can be used to teach the various actions that are generally taken, linking them to the possible outcomes. When the learners choose the actions within the interactive videos the choice leads to the related outcome. This opens up the possibility of learning by trial and error method without causing any physical loss, and prepares the learners for such situations.

2. Gamified Learning

Interactive videos can be used to gamify the learning module or can be gamified too. This however, involves addition of greater amount of interactions. A classic example is the interactive film Lifesaver, wherein the actions of the user (number of clicks) were linked to actions such as CPR (number of compressions).

3. Microlearning

Interactive videos as microlearning can be undoubtedly considered to the best use. The interest and engagement factor come as a guarantee. Moreover, simple interactions in a short time leave a higher impact, it can also be used to deliver video-based assessments. Scenarios followed by possible options to pick from, to analyze the level of understanding.

These methods just the scratch the surface of the vast possibilities that interactive videos offer. Just imagine a learning ecosystem where interactive videos are used to solve common issues on-the job. The learners trying out various simulations based on their knowledge and analyzing the possible outcomes to reconsider their choices, find better solutions etc. The possibilities are unending.

So, when are you trying your hand on interactive videos.
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