Articulate 360: What's New?

With USA getting trumped with President Donald Trump’s victory on 9/11, eLearning industry also was shaken by it's industry leader... Yes, you heard it right; we are talking about the big release of Articulate Storyline 360 a web based authoring tool. For past few days it was going viral on various social media sites that Articulate is planning to launch something new and what that new is was news. Finally the cat is out of the bag and Articulate has launched 'Articulate Storyline 360' Articulate being one of the largest selling eLearning authoring tools, this launch was long overdue. This launch is aimed to resolve some of the key challenges the authoring tool industry faces.

As an eLearning enthusiast we always have been first one to grab such tools and start working on it. We are amazed to see some features of this new launch and thought it will be really a good idea to share it with our readers as well. With this blog, we are sharing some key features of Articulate 360. Please note, this is not a review of the product as we are yet to test it. It's just the first reaction of what we see and what our team could explore. Many more to come in few of our next blogs-

It is Cloud:

The Articulate 360 is available in clod on a subscription model. Which means there will not be any machine installation or downloading of the software? This will save lots of headache of licensing on machine and will offer a greater flexibility with a collaborative authoring (yet to be tested though). Good news is that Mac users can work on it on cloud.

Rise Helps to Create Responsive eLearning:

Rise is the new buzz which allows building responsive eLearning courses without downloading any software. It allows creating the course in browser itself. It is simple and interactive. Rise takes advantage of responsive web technology to deliver a flawless learner experience across all devices, whether it's a desktop computer, a smartphone, or a tablet.

Review Simplified:

Articulate review allows to simply the process of review with SME and allows to review and comment by consolidating feedback in one place. There is no need for reviewer to download any separate software. This has streamlined the review process and helps to reduce the to and fro cycle allowing a better turnaround time for all the stake holders.

Impressive Assets in Content Library and Pro Designed Templates:

It has impressive asset library which has amazing assets to be used to create interactive eLearning. This allows reducing time publishing the curses since the assets used are from the in-built library. Also there are hundreds of professionally designed readily available templates which can be customized for further usage. The assets can be simply dragged and dropped in to create an amazing output.

As of now the new Articulate 360 looks promising. However, more will be revealed as and when we explore it further. There are still few of unanswered queries related to content security, Accessibility which needs to be to be checked. We are sure Articulate will help us to address those queries soon. We are on the way to explore more of its features and we will keep you posted with few of our new blogs on it.

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