9 Reasons Why You Need Microlearning in 2017


A study by Microsoft (conducted using both surveys and EEG scans)pointed out that the average attention span had dropped considerably in comparison to the last century. While people could focus on a task for 12 seconds back in 2000, that figure dropped to 8 seconds in 2013 — about one second less than a goldfish.

Goldfish Ah! But, it’s not as bad as it sounds. It actually pints towards the increased capability to both multitask and concentrate in short bursts. All the more reason for why ‘Micro’ is the new eLearning. Though we have already discussed about why microlearning should be considered, but what makes it even more relevant as each year passes by? Here are 9 key reasons as to why microlearning is a must have in 2017.

1. Engagement

Well, the word itself has an extensive meaning. In our case however, it just stands for learner-engagement. Microlearning is designed to be short and crisp which is why it caters well to the multi-tasking, short-attention spanned learners of today.

2. Retention

Research has pointed out that, “80% of what is learned is forgotten within 30 days”. Too bad considering the amount of time spent on creating each eLearning module. We are talking about a generation with hyper attention here, what they need is short bursts of information at the time of need. Microlearning can act as effective performance support tool, revision modules etc. that can increase the retention of learning, and ensure its application too.

3. Relevance

The whole point about microlearning is to keep it short and to the point. Relevance tends to be the key factor here. Microlearning is targeted learning and its smaller size makes it easier to update and modify regularly to keep up with the cutting-edge competition.

4. Customizable

The perk of having bite-sized learning is that it can be easily customized too to match the learner’s profile. Moreover, it gives the learners a sense of personalization when the learning is directly addressed to their needs. Say for instance, a mechanical engineer getting the relevant information about the machine modification, that too just when he/she is planning to work on it. Interesting, isn’t it? On-time and relevant too.

5. Time-saving

In comparison to the average 43-185 hours that is required to create one hour of eLearning, microlearning can be created considerably faster. The use of authoring tools makes it quite easier too. It makes microlearning is a great way to experiment training approaches too.

6. Economical

It has been mentioned by experts that microlearning cuts costs by 50% while increasing production speed by 300%.Well, that says it all, doesn’t it?

7. Ease of Use

Microlearning can be accessed anywhere, anytime without interrupting the work flow and the interface is usually designed so that the learners can easily navigate it.

8. Rapid Authoring

Authoring tools today facilitate the creation of microlearning with readily available templates that can be used as is, decreasing the time and cost of design considerably.

9. Mobility

Microlearning is and ought to be mobile. That’s the whole point, isn’t it? Anywhere, anytime and on any device. The shorter size, both in terms of text-content as well as the storage space makes microlearning easily downloadable and storable on any device- be it a laptop, palmtop (Duh! If it still exists?), mobiles or the latest wearables.

Microlearning is the next big thing just waiting to happen. Apart from the points mentioned above, microlearning also brings in the flexibility of trying different learning styles- say a mix of slideshows and videos for one, and social learning mix for other. In this way, it can cater to all kinds of learners and the outcome- ‘all things learning’.

Why wait, explore the potentials of microlearning today. The learning experts at Knowzies are just a few mouse clicks away.

Hands-on, dynamic and energetic executive, Amol has a multi-year experience in diverse technology industries and functions, in both Sales and Marketing and Operations. Engineer by graduate and an MBA professional, he started his career in 2004 as a Regional Sales Manager for one of the largest US MNC based out of India continues to live his passion for sales till date. Currently an eLearning and LMS consultant and & Board Member of Knowzies Technology Solutions, his responsibility is to manage the company's growth in the Americas, India and APAC, and encourage its Global expansion through his network of 1000+ qualified Elearning and SaaS experts. Amol is a serial blogger and a have delivered many webinar’s in his past engagements. He likes to write largely about latest eLearning technology trends, mobile learning, and learning technologies. His passion for eLearning makes him the perfect blend for designing solutions for large enterprises especially where the cost is the constraint. Prior to his current venture, Amol had a blast leading the International Business Operations for various leading LMS and eLearning organisations globally. Amol successfully managed a talented pool of professionals and partner companies (Channel network implementation) enabling the acquisition of many leading enterprises. A solid credo in business ethics and knowledge sharing are its key business drivers. He is what the Urban Dictionary would call a straight shooter, enjoys playing cards on the table and doesn't deal with fuss. Big in creating new connections and value to its network (because the network is quite everything), he is hungry for innovation and falls in love for true out-of-the-box thinkers. Cricket and food are superior passions. Loves the family and is blessed with two happening daughters and a caring wife. Over weekends you will find him in kitchen experimenting with new dishes. In case of any queries, you can reach to him on amol@knowzies.com.

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