7 Tips to Boost eLearning Usage in Modern Age


How long does it take to create 1 hour of training? A question that has often been addressed yet answered subjectively, in a case specific manner most of the times. ATD reached out to L&D practitioners to gather data over a few weeks during the summer of 2017 and came up with a few comparison charts. The data in 2017 was compared with that of 2009 and 2003 and significant changes were observed.

Though the answer still remains unclear. What we know for a fact is that a lot of effort goes behind creating eLearning courses. As written in the ATD article, “‘one hour of training’ is not the sole answer to our needs. But it can provide a useful tool for guiding how we manage learning development.” And that management determines how well the eLearning is accepted and how the eLearning is utilized. Do the learners participate in the learning, how many of them actually complete the course? And if the participation is low, how do we boost eLearning usage?

While some questions will be answered by and by, here are a few tips to boost eLearning usage.

Tip 1# Know your target audience (the learners)

The biggest flaw of any eLearning strategy could be going ahead without understanding the expectations and needs of the target audience or learners. Find out the needs, the infrastructural settings, the primary learning requirements, the learning schedules, and IT proficiency levels too. You don’t want to spend time on creating an extraordinary course that the learners are unable to use. This initial home work will allow to create a relevance amongst the course and the learners for whom the course is created.

Tip 2# Analyze the Learning Culture

How an organization learns, has a great impact on the way learning is accepted. So, for instance in an organization with large number of employees constantly travelling, a classroom-training, or blended course wouldn’t be suitable. So, know how the schedules work, what the device usage policies are, how often the learners travel etc. to create effective learning that appeases the learners.

Tip 3# Allow Collaborative Learning

Learning as a group or sharing knowledge amongst peers is a practice that often drives learning ventures too. The eLearning usage can be greatly influenced by creating a collaborative learning environment where learners learn from each other, suggestions and encouragements drive them towards eLearning. These day the social learning is one of the most preferred way of learning (Learn, Coach and Share) especially amongst the millennials.

Tip 4# Choose the Right Courses

The eLearning content too plays an important role in usage. Boring, mundane courses may be one reason that leads to lesser adoption of the eLearning within the organisation. To avoid this, select innovative, interesting courses (if opting for off-the shelf courses) or create engaging eLearning content (in-house or with the help of eLearning vendors). The relevance of the course helps in increasing the better adoption of the courses.

Tip 5# Market the Learning Programme

Most eLearning strategies tend to fail because the learners aren’t informed about its benefits. While over selling may not be right, but the right amount of in-house marketing can boost eLearning usage. Also, newer concepts like gamification dashboard, reward points, etc can be used as the tools to promote any eLearning in-house. Better marketing of the courses by L&D in-house does help to create some more hype amongst the users.

Tip 6# Keep Channels Open for Feedbacks

eLearning is not a one-way channel; its scope of improvement acceptance etc. often increases with the freedom and flexibility it offers. Let the learners learn on their own accord and let them share their opinions and feedbacks. Knowing that their opinion matters is one way to push learning too. Feedback sharing always keeps the learner engaged with the courses.

Tip 7# Provide Access to Additional Learning

Adding to the aspect of flexibility, the learning system should not restrict learning. Allow the learners to access additional learning content that may be related to the topic. This makes learning more holistic and hence, self-paced and self-exploratory too.

At the end of the day eLearning is all about rendering the learning content in the best way possible so that it connects with the learners. Which is why the process of content curation, design and development is crucial. eLearning vendors with good experience can lighten your load and assist in this. So, if you are looking to create engaging eLearning courses, or need assistance in boosting eLearning usage, just drop us a message at info@knowzies.com.

Ashutosh (Ash as he is known as) is a passionate problem solver and loves building relationships. After spending 13+ years in eLearning and custom tech solutioning sales he co-founded Knowzies Technology Solutions to live his dreams of entrepreneurship. He has extensive experience in eLearning and Mobile Technologies and has helped many companies including few fortune 500 companies finding the most suitable solution. Ashutosh started his sales career in 2002 and went on to head global sales team for a leading Learning Solutions provider handling US, EU, APAC, MEA, and India. Currently, as a COO Ash wears multiple hats and is helping clients in implementing right eLearning, Mobile Learning and Custom Tech strategies. Ash is an eminent speaker and has delivered many webinars, represented global L& D events and have delivered speeches in few of them as a speaker. He has handled multiple teams of talented professionals over the years and worked with 100+ international clients and partners. Ash is highly popular as a cool mentor amongst the team and he believes in doing things right at first go. He takes pride in what he does and is highly pondered by the clients for his timely responses and addressing any critical situation with a cool mind. In free time, he loves to read and spend time with family and his 2 sons Naitik and Vihaan keep him on toes over weekends. He is a sports buff and loves watching all kind of sport especially Cricket and Football. He is fond of reading about various historical novels and loves traveling and meeting new people.

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