Videos and Micro eLearning: The Connect

Videos and Micro eLearning: The Connect

On a normal day as any other, we open the web browsers, check the mails, and then somehow end up on Google’s default page and what do we see? A mini video clip. Inadvertently, we click on the play button, and the video portrays two tennis rackets playing. Interesting…

This 5-10 second clip leads us to the history of Wimbledon. And just like that we are introduced to a new fact- Wimbledon is celebrating its 140th Anniversary. That friends right there, is the power of a short video, the power of Micro eLearning.

We have always emphasized on the power of videos, discussed about its effective use, and shared tips on creating eLearning videos and the same goes for Micro eLearning (read our posts on Micro eLearning- what, why, and how). So, what links them both?

Simple, Video can be considered as the most superior medium to deliver Micro eLearning. Why so, the scenario discussed earlier answers that to a T. But, that’s not all. Here are some other factors that make Videos and Micro eLearning a match made in heaven.

Easy to Create

Have a phone with good recording features? Or a camera? You can create a video, provided you know what you are aiming for. We mentioned this while discussing about the things to focus while creating videos that the focus should be on one topic- just the thing needed for micro eLearning too, be it for introductory purpose or for revision or for performance support.

Easy to Engage

The effectiveness of videos often depends on its length and its initial impact. Both these factors are crucial in case of micro eLearning too. So, a well-designed short and simple video can be considered as an effective Micro eLearning module too.

Easy to Retain

Videos can essentially communicate a lot in a short span of time, provided it has powerful imagery to support it. Combining the powers of visual and auditory learning, videos are powerful tools of learning and add to it the virtue of Micro eLearning, a short video can work wonders.

The best part is that with the availability of modern tools, creating mini videos for micro eLearning is a piece of cake. For starters, all you need is an iPhone and Splice App or any other phone with an editing app. Tools like Powtoon and GoAnimate make creation of animated videos quite simple and many authoring tools allow screen capture to make things even easier.

And if all these seem cumbersome, YouTube is a treasure trove. And at times even snippets of those videos work just fine to deliver just-in-time learning.

Curious about how we create Video-based Micro eLearning? Just drop us a message @ and we will get in touch at the earliest.

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