Top 10 Recommended eLearning Blogs Every eLearning Enthusiast Must Follow

Top 10 Recommended eLearning Blogs Every eLearning Enthusiast Must Follow

At Knowzies through our blog we always try to keep our readers updated about latest trends and techniques in eLearning Industry. I have received some excellent feedback from our readers and I would like to thank all of them for their encouragement. Being an avid eLearning Professional, I always admire some blogs which inspires me to write better and better day by day. I would like to take this opportunity to mention some of the blogs which I found worth reading in eLearning domain and I am sure you also would like those when you start reading them. I am summarizing my list as below, I hope you enjoy those also reading as much as you do love reading Knowzies Blog

1. eLearning Industry Blog (

This is an amazing example of “by the people, off the people,for the people”. Here you will find variety of topics published daily by various authors and it is a real pool of knowledge and information at one place.

2. Rapid eLearning Blog (

This blog is from articulate and primarily focused on rapid eLearning and gives an amazing insight about various technical updates about the new releases, tips and tricks about rapid eLearning development.

3. E-Learning 24/7 Blog (

I am one of the great admirer of this blog and found most of the topics very relevant to what current trends are. After reading Craig Weiss through his blogs one can understand why is he been named as one of the most influential writer and speaker in eLearning space.

4. Learning Solutions Magazine Blog (

Learning Solutions Magazine, a publication of The eLearning Guild since 2002, is the eLearning industry’s oldest and most trusted source for practical information on the strategies, tools, technologies, services, and best practices for the management, design, development, and implementation of enterprise-wide eLearning programs.

5. The Learning Circuits Blog (

The Learning Circuits Blog is a community feature of Learning Circuits. This blog is dedicated to sharing ideas and opinions about the state of Learning and Technology.

6. Training Industry Blog ( ) brings the top industry subject matter experts together in one place to experience the “best of the best”. Our bloggers focus on providing useful information and unique insight surrounding today’s challenges and success stories.

7. Talented Learning ( )

Talented Learning is a news, research and consulting organization founded by John Leh dedicated to the advancement of all aspects of extended enterprise learning technology solutions. Talented Learning publishes eLearning blogs  that are useful to professionals involved in channel, franchise, customer, member and public sector eLearning.

8. The eLearning Coach ( )

This is an amazing blog from Instructional Design Guru Connie Malamed. It focuses mainly on eLearning, information and visual designer. it is a must to read blog for eLearning ID where one can find actionable strategies, practical content, product reviews and resources to help you design, develop and understand online learning.

9. eLearning Learning ( )

This is the blog managed by Training Magazine Network. It is a great collection of blogs on various topics. It is a good read especially if you are looking for variety of topics.

10. E-Learning Provocateur ( )

E-Learning Provocateur is an individual blog managed by  of Ryan Tracey, a member of eLearn Magazine’s editorial board. Tracey brings amazing hopes to “provoke deeper thinking” in the world of eLearning.

All this listing is purely on the basis of my experience with these blogs. I am sure you will get benefited from this. In case if you have any other blog which you wish me to add to this list, please do share and I will be happy read those. Hope this helps you with some new knowledge. Till then happy knowledge sharing!

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