Importance of Mobile Learning for Salesforce

Importance of Mobile Learning for Salesforce

Salesforce is impressive.Why? Well, think business, it’s mostly about profitability which is the result of sales. And believe it or not, Sales is indeed a crucial aspect for business functioning. While some may say that the product speaks for itself, the initial market presence sure is created by sales and marketing, which thereafter grows depending on the product and buyers (word of mouth).

Organizations usually rope in people with years of experience or the ones with easy eloquence, often forgetting that the true strength of the salesforce depends on how well the salesforce understands the product. Understanding is advertised as the most crucial element in sales- be it about the product, about the organization about the market or about the client. In Brian Frank’s words, “When you have a multi-tiered sales effort, the first thing you want to do is understand the market. You want to go out there and map the competitive landscape. You want to know what your customers are saying.” (Brian Frank is the Global Head of Sales Operations at LinkedIn). Therefore, learning is critical for the sales force and in that too Mobile Learning or learning on the go as it is often referred as in particular, owing to the special disposition of the salesforce.

The 2016 Brandon Hall Group HCM Outlook survey found that, “mobile learning is one of the top three learning priorities for companies in the coming years.” According to Ambient Insight’s 2014-2019 Worldwide Mobile Learning Market Forecast, “The worldwide market for Mobile Learning products and services reached $8.4 billion in 2014. The global five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is 11.3% and revenues will reach $14.5 billion by 2019. Revenues will more than triple in 32 countries by 2019.”

While the stats say it all, let’s take a closer look at why the Salesforce prefers Mobile Learning. We have previously written about Using Performance Support for Sales Team and also shared 4 Scenarios of Using Video-based eLearning for Sales Training, this post is more or less a prequel to those.

Here are the top reasons as to why the Salesforce needs mobile Learning.

Always on the Go

The one thing we know about Salesforce is that they are mobile. Not only in terms of the travelling they do, but also in terms of the device preference. From scheduling meetings to making video calls Mobile devices are constantly being used by the ever-versatile sales team, it doesn’t come as a surprise if they prefer the device over others for learning too.

Dependence on Just-In- Learning

Sales trainings are usually long and intensive during the initial phase, however as time passes by the learners tend to forget most of it. What the salesforce needs is training at the time of need, as performance support to improve the work that is being done.

Deep Penetration of M-Devices

While most organizations issue standard devices to the sales team, the new trend of personal device usage is being widely accepted too. According to Microsoft, “More than 67% , of workers use their own devices at work.”Studies point out that with BYOD, productivity, employee morale and accountability improve in tandem with reduced hardware and networking costs.

The Demographic

The Salesforce today consists of not just the veterans, but also the GenY -often called the digital natives. According to new research, “By 2025, Millennials Will Comprise Three-Quarters of the Global Workforce.” They are more comfortable using handheld devices (the size of which is getting smaller by the day), learning hence should fit their pace and the convenience. Such flexibility is offered by mobile learning.

That being said the competence of Salesforce depends on the competence of individual employees, their dedication towards understanding the brand, and utilizing the content to highlight the best features and how it can be specifically personalized to suit the customer/client’s requirements. Myself being a hardcore sales person throughout my life, I can say that learning on the go is always a boon for Salesforce. Mobile learning can make the Salesforce better equipped and up-to-date, keep the team competent and ready to face the challenges and meet overall organizational goals.

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