How to Use Microlearning As a Part of The Learning Strategy

How to Use Microlearning As a Part of The Learning Strategy

Microlearning is all about ‘’Simplified Learning’’. The whole idea behind using microlearning as a part of the organizational learning strategy is usually to have greater reach, cater to all types of learners (interested and uninterested; busy bees; travelers and all generations)and most importantly to make learning stick.

In the last few weeks we have discussed quite a lot about microlearning, including the key reasons that push us towards the need of microlearning, and the elements of successful microlearning course. But, how do you actually use microlearning as a part of the learning strategy?

Popular eLearning providers state that, “learners progress through the learning lifecycle – from readiness to discovery to reinforcement.” This stands true for all organizations. Here are a few ways in which organizations can use microlearning as a part of its learning strategy.

Preparing the Learners

Microlearning is a great tool for motivating the learners. Short promotional/motivational videos, pre-assessments, infographics or presentations, can be used to build curiosity and create awareness amongst the learners. This can act as a great base for the actual eLearning. The learners are hence better prepared and well equipped to undergo learning.

Giving Learners the Opportunity to Discover

Microlearning courses can be used to deliver specific topics, targeted to bring about specific behavior change. Though usually traditional eLearning is used to dwell with topics in depth, microlearning can be used as supportive elements that can deliver a part of the complex topic in a fun and engaging way. Microlearning here can be in form of games or game-based learning, scenario-based modules, videos- interviews, demos, DIY, and how-to-videos too.

Reinforcing Learning

Microlearning initially gained popularity due to its use as performance support tool, i.e. reinforcement of learning. Increased frequency of short training reinforcements, is said to improve knowledge retention to a great extent. So, be it a quick post-assessment followed by refresher course to fill the gaps, job aids, learning nuggets linked with dash board, and progressive system, or performance support tool, microlearning can really work wonders.

Delivering Additional Learning

Some learners are inquisitive and may set out on the search for more. Though the world-wide-web contains a plethora of information, finding the right one can often be a headache. Keeping additional information handy within the eLearning delivery model caters to the interest of such learners. Short videos and presentations can be used well here.

In an all-encompassing training curriculum, microlearning often reaches out to the learners. Quick and effective those mini-versions of learning are absorbed easily and retained longer. In other terms, at times it’s just what the learners need to break from the monotony of hours of mandatory training.

So, what is your Microlearning Strategy?

Do let us know in the comments below.

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