How Gamification in eLearning can Help to Improve Adoption with Learners

How Gamification in eLearning can Help to Improve Adoption with Learners

How Gamification in eLearning Will Impact Corporate Learning?

Having a classroom training as the main agenda for the corporate training is the thing of passé.  With new age technology and millennial being the target audience to deal with for many organizations eLearning is the key to success. eLearning is more of a routine now with learners having access to learning everywhere.

Still during my interactions with my clients I always feel something is missing for them and when I try to dig more, almost 80% of them are looking for some innovative eLearning solutions to keep their target audience engaged. To address this industry need Gamification is the key to success. Here are some tips on how gamification in elearning can help to improve adoption of learning for corporates-

  1. New Target Audience: Millennials
    This is the main reason why one must choose gamification as the reason for gamification. Today’s new age learner has grown up with gadgets and they are more comfortable learning on the go. Also games and apps is the thing which is need of the day. If this user behavior is used to make learner more engaging.
  2. Relevance
    With Gamification tactics the relevance of the content or the scenarios can be increased and made more interesting. As it helps to make content more relevant, it always helps to enhance the retention span of the user.
  3. Collaborative Learning
    Gamification can help to achieve the objective of collaborative learning. Since some of the gamification courses be made in such a way that the involvement of the users is at various levels and it becomes interesting as and when learners moves on. This helps to keep learner engaged with the course and at the same time the ultimate objectives are achieved while making learning as a fun activity.
  4. Recognition
    In today’s age of social media, recognition is one of the biggest motivation for doing anything digitally. The innovative tactics like winner’s dashboard, weekly achievers make this whole learning experience awesome and learners keep enjoying it with more interest.

To summarize, the eLearning solutions have been quite a rage since over a decade now and large conglomerates are executing training courses and educational sessions through online technologies and eLearning methods.  Hence it is now imperative that we make use of gamification in the eLearning as a part of their routine study schedule. It has proven quite fruitful in terms of increasing the attention span of the learner and keeping them engaged and hence enhance the productivity.

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