What Are The Most Important Features In An eLearning Authoring Tool?

What Are The Most Important Features In An eLearning Authoring Tool?

Gone are the days when eLearning courses are created with PowerPoint presentation, PDF file or DOC file. A Current scenario has turned with some advanced technologies where several eLearning Authoring Tools are used for better online learning that is adopted by the present education industry. eLearning Authoring Tools are designed to create the online learning courses that can be either online professional courses or tutorials. For instance, most commonly adopted and some key Authoring Tools are Articulate Storyline, Captivate, iSpring, and Lectora.

Features in an eLearning Authoring Tool

Various features made possible the space and requisition of eLearning Authoring Tools in the current market. Here, we are going to tell you the most important features in an eLearning Authoring Tool:

1. Intuitive User Interface

No matter, whether a designer or learner both can understand the activities and effects of authoring tools without any assistance, experiment or special training because of the intuitive user interface. Usually, during eLearning courses a learner or designer uses these authoring tools. Designers play their role by delivering technical assistance in order to create and render the best eLearning environment so that a learner can find ease while learning through your authoring tool.

2. Media and Simulation

It allows built-in tool for an audio, video, animations and avatars. Technically, these authoring tools are ease to use. A learner can find the learning content simpler and unambiguous if delivered in the multimedia form rather than text or PPT format because it fulfils the lack of regular or offline sessions. It also enables to build software simulations, create and edit screen recordings, insert web objects or take screenshots in order to make your course learning way more flexible and interesting. Hence, this feature assists individuals or learners to understand the course curriculum in more depth. Most of the time graphs and charts don’t work well. Here media support can perform better to do so.

3. Responsive Design

In this tech-savvy world, people are more incumbent on mobiles and tablets rather than desktop and believe in learning as per their pliancy. Very readily, it can be seen in the market that multi-device friendly techniques are more well-turned in impedance of single device compatible techniques. Current youth is more vigilant about it and prefers the technology that is compatible with all devices. Thus, the responsiveness of e-learning authoring tool allows the learners to access the learning stuff as per their convenience whenever and wherever they are.

4. Blended Learning Facility

Today’s learners are in a trend of turning to the online live classes rather than pre-recorded video or audio sessions. Hence, this feature enables the way of learning procedures such like online live sessions or online virtual classes. This can totally confer the genuine experience to the online learners.

5. Multi-language Support

The authoring tools that support the multi-language can reduce the difficulties of the learners because if you are going to provide your courses to the international learners, then you necessitate this feature in order to provide access to the worldwide learners. In result eLearners can take the advantages of this feature where they can pick their language preference such like English, Chinese, Korean or Japanese etc.

6. Operating System Support

Authoring tools support various platforms so that you can send your e-learning courses to the variety of learners whether a window user or a Mac user. This can raise the quantity of learners who seek eLearning courses and siphon it as per their suitability.

7. Publish Option

You can publish a course in a very effortless way to HTML5, Flash, and MS Word etc. and can translate your content from one format to another format. Also, tracking or reporting of learners activity can be done with these Authoring Tools.

Hence, above described are the features that are usually incorporated in the eLearning Authoring Tools in order to serve the learning material in the precise and appropriate manner so that the learner can perceive the actual essence of the online learning courses.

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