Adobe Captivate 9: Advantages / Disadvantages

Adobe Captivate 9: Advantages / Disadvantages

The 9th release of Adobe Captivate saw this authoring tool utilize a new asset store where users can select over 25000 different items to build their personalized courses. Moreover, Captivate boasts the “captive draft” feature, which allows users to relay their development process and eLearning design on an iPad. Adobe’s responsive design and compatibility with mobile devices continues to make a presence within the Captivate tool, where users are able to design courses specific to mobile phones and their operating systems. Below are some of the advantages this application gives its users (, 2016).

Adobe Captivate 9 - User Interface

Captivate 9, User Interface
(Source:, 2016)


  • Automatically designs a course for a wide variety of platforms without the user having to design separate courses for mobiles, tablets or laptops
  • Special 70% discount on one-time purchase for teachers and students
  • Very good support for HTML5 ad Flash
  • Text to speech converter
  • Geolocation support
  • Allows users to upload course and learning material directly to YouTube


  • Limited support for .GIF images
  • Higher subscription cost could be a concern
  • Very few animation effects when compared to other authoring tools

Please note these views are based on our experience with the tool during development of the courses and not necessarily be true for all. However, these are some of the generic observations from our end. Please feel free to add/correct if we have missed on anything.



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