6 Significant Authoring Tools For eLearning Development

6 Significant Authoring Tools For eLearning Development

At present, some of the most powerful authoring tools are used for creating effective rapid elearning development services. Through these tools, you will be able to enjoy easy interactivity without any limits. Create some interaction virtually through these tools, in just a few minutes. There are primarily Six Significant Authoring Tools for eLearning Development. Get down to the important features, which these tools hold.

1. Articulate storyline is a compelling example

With the help of Articulate Storyline, even the beginners will be able to create easy interactivity, without any limits. If you ever imagine any interaction, you can get it built through this authoring tool. This tool comprises of some promising features, such as:

  • It consists of triggers; slide layers and states were leaders can click and even drag any object for triggering any action.
  • You will be able to receive instant interactivity with sliders, drop buttons and markers. You can add hotspots in just a few seconds.

2. Lectora is the next best tool

Other than Articulate software, Lectora is the growing example if you are new in eLearning. Moreover, the recent Lectora 16 comes with response course design.

  • It features responsive design, which is remarkably easy to use and exceptionally powerful.
  • Now, the e-learners can quickly get to create some mobile courses, and save valuable development time.

3. Captivate with its latest 9 version

Nowadays, people are inclining towards the promising use of Adobe Captivate 9, which will help them to go seamlessly from storyboarding to the present responsive elearning design.

  • You will be able to dip into more than 25,000 asset stores, for enriching the content.
  • You can even create amazing courses, which will run seamlessly on mobile platform and desktops.

4. iSpring is well integrated with cloud LMS

At present, people are moving towards the promising use of iSpring Suite, 8.1. It is easy to use and well stocked with e-learning authoring toolkit, associated with PowerPoint platform. The best part is that you are free from any training to use this authoring tool.

  • You will be able to enjoy the services of AccuPoint with this tool
  • Avail services from HyperPoint, as another additional value

5. Importance of Camtasia

Camtasia is used to take your screen recording to the finished video. Mainly defined as a screen recorder, it helps in capturing exactly your thoughts.

  • It comprises of precise crosshairs, which makes it extremely simple to capture regions, windows and even entire desktop.
  • It comprises of studio editor and recorder.

6. Claro is another option

Apart from the tools mentioned, Claro forms another integrated type of elearning authoring tool. Some of the features are:

  • It offers you with proper browser services
  • Avail multi-lingual support services for international users
  • Choose from a plethora of templates available

Choosing the best tool

These tools are some of the integrated solutions for authoring e-learning strategies. You either can use any one of these tools or can implement more than one for your use. Always ensure to grab valid information about the tools, before implementing any one of them for your e-learning modules. The main aim of these products is to create effective e-learning development.

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