Articulate Storyline 2: Advantages / Disadvantages

Articulate Storyline 2: Advantages / Disadvantages

First released in 2012, Articulate Storyline uses professional looking interfaces, which possess a vast variety of tools that enable first time users to make professional looking multimedia interfaces. In addition, Storyline 2 is currently being used by more than 48,000 organisations across 151 different countries (, 2016).


Articulate Storyline 2 - User Interface

Articulate Storyline 2, User Interface
(Source:, 2016)


  • Fully customizable templates come pre-installed with this tool, giving course designers ample choice for selecting visual elements
  • 47500 possible combinations of expressions, poses, photographic characters and illustrated characters
  • Supports all popular video formats including, wma, xvid, dvix etc.
  • Ability to record screens and perform instant software simulations
  • Support from experts via online forums and web chat
  • Built-in screen recording capabilities, which helps to keep overall costs down


  • Languages are limited to only six types
  • Extremely slow when saving large projects of file size in excess of 500 MB
  • High Cost could be a concern
  • Lacks full support while publishing to HTML5 and Flash
  • Compatibility issues when importing and using vector graphics
  • Lacking the essential text-to-speech capability

Please note these views are based on our experience with the tool during development of the courses and not necessarily be true for all. However, these are some of the generic observations from our end. Please feel free to add/correct if we have missed on anything.


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