Captivate 9.0: 5 Things Every eLearning Vendor Must Know

Captivate 9.0: 5 Things Every eLearning Vendor Must Know

As it has been some time since Adobe released the next gen version of eLearning authoring tools- captivate 9.0, might sound a bit repetitive and similar to all the review posts that have been published on various portals so far.

But, owing to our self-proclaimed love for authoring tools, we couldn’t help but pick 5 of our favorite features of Captivate 9.0. A few must-knows for every eLearning vendor in town.

#1 Multidevice-Responsive Output

There is no doubt, Adobe has really outdone itself with this version. Create the content in whichever manner you wish to and the content rearranges itself for tablet and mobile output as required. The best part is that we can easily use the in-product preview to see how the course will look like. It allows for design up to 5 breakpoints. We can also use Adobe Edge Inspect app to see how the course will look on physical mobile devices.Embedded multi-touch technology makes adding tap, scroll, pinch, and swipecontrols a cakewalk and can also be used to include gesture support.

#2 Multistate Objects

A new addition, this really saves a day or two for us eLearning vendors. It really helps in creating multistate objects that can be used to indicate interactions. The workflows can be made really complex with unlimited number of custom states, for each object, including smart shapes, images, text, buttons and more. What’s more is that it is really easy to edit too using the states timeline.

#3 Preview and Publishing

Previewing the courses within the software has never been his easy. Not only does it allow to see multidevice output, it also gives an LMS preview. We can also easily preview courses in SCORM.

Captivate 9.0 allows to publish projects in multiple formats (HTML5, MP4, EXE, SWF, PDF) to the web, desktops, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, iOS and Android devices, and leading Tin Can-(xAPI), SCORM-, and AICC-compliant LMSs. It also has an LMS of its own (Adobe Captivate Prime).

#4 Easy Storyboarding

One of coolest addition in Captivate 9.0 is Captivate Draft- the storyboarding app that makes creating eLearning a wee bit simpler.  The app allows in creating storyboards with eLearning elements, questionnaires, branching scenarios (that can be expanded and collapsed) etc. which can be easily uploaded on cloud for review, edited and directly imported to Captivate 9.0 to create eLearning.

#5 SVG Graphics and Rollover Effect

The best thing about SVGs is that it can be easily shrunk or enlarged without compromising the quality. SVGs can either be imported or designed on Adobe Illustrator, even added to library and reused when needed.Captivate 9.0 also boasts of superior rollover effects to showcase hints, tips etc. within the course.

Well, that’s our list for you. However, you can read much more about captivate 9.0in the posts listed below:

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There’s a lot being said about the potential of Captivate 9.0. We ourselves have been experimenting with its various features in order to create great rapid eLearning and can help you create eLearning various other authoring tools too. In case if you wish to see our portfolio for eLearning developed using captivate please feel free to get in touch with us at

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