5 Key Tips to Choose the Best Authoring Tool Development eLearning Company

5 Key Tips to Choose the Best Authoring Tool Development eLearning Company

eLearning authoring tools are revolutionary technology that have greatly influenced (impacted rather) the training and development industry. While most eLearning developers boast of rapid development using authoring tools, often the process takes longer to be modified or updated which isn’t always the part of the deal. This brings us to the questions -which authoring tool (which we have tackled more than often) and more importantly which eLearning company?

Here are 5 tips that can assist in choosing the best authoring tool development eLearning company.

  1. Explore
    Choosing the right authoring tool requires good market research and so does finding the right vendor/eLearning company. Collate a list of service providers with experience in handling various authoring tools from all the available sources, this will give you good numbers to begin with. Remember-don’t just shortlist the famous and more popular ones, look for innovators, trendsetters too. Even startups offer great benefits, but this depends on the employees and their expertise and so, this should be followed by a thorough analysis.
  2. Shortlist
    Take a look at the eLearning Portfolio, the sample courses listed on the website, the type of authoring tool expertise, the collective experience etc. before contacting the vendor. Create a list of preferred eLearning companies.
  3. Enquire
    Peer recommendations can be helpful, similarly discussing with organizations that outsource eLearning content creation can point you in the right direction. While requirements may differ, the overall project types can very often be similar, so utilize the available inputs optimally. Also, try to make good use of Social Media Groups, eLearning events etc. where there are higher chances of finding the right solution providers. Do enquire for the licensed and latest versions of the tools to be used.
  4. Discuss
    Once the shortlisted list is at hand, start discussions with the eLearning company. Understand their view points on various authoring tools. Find ways in which the authoring tools are utilized, the innovative solutions created etc. Ask for samples, case studies, client testimonials, etc. If time permits, give them a sample case to handle or to do a PoC. Also, discuss well in advance about the cost models, communication model etc.
  5. Review
    Review all the eLearning samples created using authoring tools, access the innovativeness, review the team members, their expertise etc. Check how your team can collaborate with theirs. See if meetings can be arranged easily. Also check the project management options. And then you are almost well-equipped to make the final decision.

While the above mentioned tips aren’t the only inputs required to finalize the authoring tool development eLearning company, they still can act as guidelines to get started with. The key is to take time and understand your requirement, have a clear idea about the kind of solution you expect-even the authoring tool if possible, and then pick solution providers, this can help in reducing the hassles thereafter.

At Knowzies, we have a dedicated team of experts who create courses on Ariculate Storyline, Captivate, Lectora, iSpring and many more. So, if you are planning on getting started with creating authoring tool-based eLearning just drop us a message at info@knowzies.com and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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