5 Key Reasons to Opt for Custom eLearning Development

5 Key Reasons to Opt for Custom eLearning Development

A Very Happy New Year to all the readers of Knowzies Blog. Hope that this year be filled with innovations and improved learning experiences. Also, coincidentally our 1st blog of 2018 is eventually our 150th blog as well!!!

The festivities are done with. With the remnants of season of cheer and joy in our hearts, we wrap up the dazzling lights, the decorated trees and set aside the gifts. And talking about gifts, very often we get cartloads of gifts, some that can be used while some may just be things that need to be wrapped up again and some that are quite specific to our needs, which of course are received with unparalleled enthusiasm unlike the more generic ones. That being the reason behind painstakingly choosing individual gifts for different people based on their likes or dislikes, necessities etc.

This very aspect is highlighted when we compare between off-the shelf courses and custom eLearning. Custom eLearning is more like the specific gift for specific learners, while off-the shelf ones are like the generic gifts (Reindeer print socks for all). While the benefits of Custom eLearning development have already been apart of our discussions, why does it become more and more essential to opt for Custom eLearning development with time? Here are the 5 top reasons.

  1. Giving Learners What They Need
    Imagine a family having dozens of reindeer printed, or sweaters for that matter. Would be a bit too dull right? Instead the kids getting what they like, and the parents getting something useful is what makes the gift worthwhile. Custom eLearning is about giving the learners what they need, based on their learning requirement, the level of existing skill sets. Instead of having a course that covers A-Z of the topic, learners today expect to find the precise answer at the point of need.
  2.  Delivering a Personalized Experience
    Again, using the analogy of gifts, very often we get those personalized gifts that impress us and give us that extra happy feeling. Custom eLearning delivers that special feeling of belonging, allowing learners to learn when they want, wherever they want, and on the device of choice. Not just that customizations like leader boards etc. allow learners to create profiles, use avatars etc. that gives them a more personalized feeling.
  3.  Targeting Specific Learning Needs
    Organization to organization, industry to industry, the learning needs (and content) are often different. While some need training content for induction, some need it for on-the-job-training while others for reinforcing knowledge. The custom learning is about creating learning specific content. While off-the shelf courses can be used for compliance training, health and safety etc. Product and software training, behavioral aspect training’s (industry-specific) etc. are better delivered using custom eLearning.
  4.  Staying in Concurrence with the Learning Styles
    Today’s generation learns better through Aural, Visual and Logical style. Off-the shelf courses are usually text heavy with low level of interactions (or none). Custom eLearning development takes into consideration the learning styles that the learners are more comfortable with and are more likely to interact with- Game-based, scenario-based, simulations, interactives and more.
  5.  Better Retention and Performance Outcome
    It is a known fact that when learners interact with learners, find the content engaging, the learning becomes self-driven and hence the percentage of knowledge retention increases. This in turn improves the overall performance too. Custom learning connects better with the learners in comparison with the more generic ones.

In general opting for Custom eLearning ensures that you get Sneakers that you need instead of getting the printed socks that you don’t need. In today’s learning ecosystem where everything is targeted, customized and personalized around the learners and their learning requirements, custom eLearning development is the best path to be taken.

We at Knowzies specialize in Custom eLearning Development. Share your requirements with us and we can help you find the right solution.

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