4 Key Steps to Convert Instructor-led Training Into eLearning

4 Key Steps to Convert Instructor-led Training Into eLearning

It’s the era of global and technological revolutions and organizations no longer are restricted to a single site or location and have more global outreach than ever before.So, it doesn’t really come as a surprise if your organization plans to shift from instructor-led training to eLearning, does it?

The learners have changed, and so has the regular corporate routine. How do you expect to train the employees who are constantly travelling or often have a packed schedule? No, it’s really difficult to gather them all in one place for a one-to-one session and so using eLearning (that consumes comparatively lesser time too) becomes the best possible solution. Then comes the question, what do we do with the existing Instructor-led training. Trash them and buy brand new off-the shelf courses- possibly if that’s what fits your requirement, and if not then convert the instructor-led training to eLearning.

As simple as that sounds, you can’t just wave a magic wand and transform the content to eLearning, nor can you process it all directly into an authoring tool. If converting is what you plan on doing, here are the key steps to convert instructor-led training into eLearning.

  1. Strategize
    It’s great to have a futuristic vision. But, a vision without any grounds is as good as a day-dream. So, the first step is to establish an eLearning strategy. For this take account of the organization’s current infrastructure, technological know-how, capability and even demography of the employees, and most importantly the organization’s culture and policies. These factors account for the acceptance or rejection of the eLearning strategy.
  2. Allocate
    Budget is a crucial element for eLearning. Find out how much the L&D has been allocated. The type of eLearning model to be used can be determined based on the budget. If there is no L&D budget, then convince the leaders by discussing the perks of eLearning. Seeking expert opinion can be helpful too to understand what can be done.
  3. Compile
    This is crucial in case you plan on utilizing the most of instructor-led training at hand. Collect all the material, lesson plans, training plans, questionnaires, and even the feedbacks to training sessions as those can help in improving the learning design. Sort it into what can be used and what is outdated.
  4. Calculate
    See if the strategy will be beneficial. Try to analyze whether the benefit of eLearning outweighs the overall cost. If not, then relook the strategy, think of solutions to make it cost effective.  This is where the actual eLearning strategy, the type of eLearning etc. is determined. Authoring tool selection, the length of eLearning. Whether a simulation, interactive or scenario-based eLearning is required depends on all the above aspects and the instructional designer’s perspective of course.

So, before getting started, check if you have followed the above mentioned steps. We have also discussed in detail about the Ways to Convert Classroom Training into eLearning. And, if you have any queries just drop us a message at info@knowzies.com.

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